Which barstool size is right for my home?

Which seat height do I need?

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For a 35-36″ high counter, you will need a 24″ high stool.

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For a 40-42″ high counter, you will need a 30″ high stool.

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For a 44-47″ high counter, you will need a 34″ high stool.

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How many can I fit?

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4 barstools with backs and arms

– or –

5 barstools with backs and no arms

2 barstools with backs and arms and 1 backless

– or –

4 barstools with backs and no arms

2 barstools with backs and arms and 1 backless

– or –

3 barstools with backs (no arms)

2 barstools with backs (with or without arms)

Size Guide

2 Easy Steps to choose the right seat height:

1. Measure from the floor to the top or bar counter stool.

2. Subtract 10-12 inches – this is your ideal seat height for your bar or counter stool.

Most Common Seat heights of bar stools

  • 26 inch Counter Height26 inch Counter Height
  • 30 inch Bar Height30 inch Bar Height
  • 34 inch Spectator Height34 inch Spectator Height

Bar Stool Size Guide

Did you know that there are multiple sizes of barstools available? The right size is important for many reasons, especially comfort.

What Size Barstool Do I Need?

Which is the right barstool height for you? Counter, spectator, regular chair height? Ideally, there should be 10-12 between the top of the seat of your barstool and the top of your counter or bar so that you can easily fit your knees underneath the counter without being too crowded.

How Many Barstools Will Fit?

Measuring the widest part of the stool, sometimes the seat, other times the base, or the width from armrest to armrest when you have a larger stool with armrests can help you determine how many stools will fit comfortably at your table, counter, peninsula, or bar we recommend at least 1 foot spacing in between each stool or chair.

You want to have space between each stool for your guests or family members to be able to comfortably access that stool to sit as well as to make it easy to get down from the stool when others are seated on both sides and not bang into each other. This is particularly important when buying stools for commercial purposes, such as a dining establishment, bar, or entertainment venue as guests who feel crowded are not likely to stay for very long.

Having the ability to swivel all the way around might mean that you don’t need as much space between stools as people can spin their barstool to have more space to get up or down. Having armrests or high backs will also impact the amount of space you need between each stool. Adding a few inches to each side of the widest part of the stool when doing your measurements is going to be helpful.

Get Advice on Barstool Selection: Size, Style, Etc.

Whether you need advice on how many stools will fit, how high the stools should be, or which features to get, we sell a wide variety of comfortable barstools to suit any decor. Alfa Barstools sells a variety of brand names, our own brand, as well as offers customized stools including those that have customized backs with logos, monograms, or specific designs.

Beyond having barstools that fit at your counter or bar that you can comfortably sit at, you want something that you enjoy. Whether you have a small space and want backless and / or narrow barstools, have a lot of space and have a specific design theme in mind, or you are open to ideas and look forward to browsing barstools to see what’s available, we hope you’ll look through our site to see what we have to offer.

We have:
• Adjustable Height Bar Stools
• 17-18'' Vanity Chair Height
• 24'' Inch Counter Height
• 26'' Inch Counter Height
• 30'' Inch Bar Height
• 34'' Inch Spectator Height
• 36'' Inch Extra Tall Bar Stools

Buy Barstools from Alfa Barstools

If you want to buy barstools online, Alfa Barstools can ship directly to your door. We offer deep discounts from many brand names and have a multitude of style options with everything from traditional to industrial.

Measurement Tips:

Important: Make sure that you have accurately measured the height of the counter and /or table the stool or chair that will be used. you want 10"-12" between the top of seat and top of the counter and or table.

• Standard chairs are 18"-19" and go with tables 29"-30"
• Counter barstools are typically at a height of between 24" to 26" and go with kitchen counters and most Islands at 35"- 36" in height.
• Bar stools are 30" and fit bars and raised kitchen counters and pass throughs 40” – 42” inches .

Still Unsure?

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