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Contemporary Bar Stools for Home and Business

Alfa Barstools works with individual customers and businesses to provide the perfect contemporary bar stools for kitchens, dining rooms, outdoor living areas, and for all business purposes. If your home or business that needs to order contemporary bar stools in bulk, we can offer you special savings. Just call to speak with one of our experienced customer representatives to find out how ordering large volumes can save you money. If you’re opening a business and still trying to decide on the best options for furnishing your restaurant, resort, hotel,or other business let us explain how our bar stools and chairs will work well for your business.

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All stools below are commercial quality.

40468 Zoe Modif 41410 Eleanor v1 40494 Kris
Zoe Modif 40468
26 or 30in
3" High Round Back
Non Swivel
fabrics, vinyls, metals
Free Delivery!
Eleanor 41410
26, 30 or 34in
Upholstered Seat
Wood Backrest
Swivel Stool
34in $419.00

fabrics, vinyls, metals, wood
Free Delivery!
Kris 40494
Swivel Bar Stool with arms
Sizes: 26, 30 and 34 inch
34 inch $335.00

Delivery Included!
Custom colors available
fabrics, vinyls metals

Order Form - 888-705-2318 - Questions Form

Order Form - 888-705-2318 - Questions Form

Contemporary Custom Bar Stools

Use Contemporary Counter Stools

Most resorts, for example, offer a handful of rooms that are more spacious and designed more elegantly than the average rooms. These are often used for honeymoon suites or high roller suites for customers who like to enjoy the at home feeling that a suite provides, even when on vacation. Many suites offer kitchen setups that have some counter space. You can use contemporary kitchen stools in the rooms so that hotel guests have additional seating in their room. This allows your guests to invite friends or family to visit their room, or encourages large parties to reserve the suite.

We offer contemporary kitchen stools in a variety of materials and styles. This allows you to choose stools that fit the overall theme of your resort or at least the décor of the room. You can also choose from swivel stools or adjustable height stools. If the resort is very modern, you will find that we offer chrome and stainless steel stools also, which can make quite a statement in a hotel room.

You don’t have to stop in the kitchen. If your business offers bathroom vanity areas, you can choose from a selection of smaller contemporary wooden stools to be used as seating in the bathroom area. Backless styles are most common for vanity stools, and you can find smaller contemporary bar stools that include engravings or scroll work, giving the stools an impressive look.

If the rooms will have mini bars, you may want to include a pub set in certain rooms. These could be your moderately priced rooms or your rooms with balconies. Alfa Barstools offers great deals on pub sets that seat between 2 to 4 people, and these work great in corner areas of rooms or in outside spaces.

Use Bar Stools for Your Bar, Restaurant, or Club

Many of our customers have restaurants, and our contemporary counter stools are perfect for your bar area. You can choose from swivel style, adjustable height, backless, wooden, metal, and even rattan for an outdoor bar. While some trendy spots use underwater stools for in the water drinking, many people prefer to sit poolside and relax at a regular bar. We have extra tall outdoor bar stools for poolside bars, or you can choose from a variety of contemporary counter stools in different sizes for poolside dining.

If you have a bar that’s separate from the dining area, Alfa Barstools offers both round and square backless bar stools in leather or vinyl. Added gold or silver studs provide a stylish look and allow you to tie your bar décor into the rest of the resort.

Contemporary Wooden Stools for On Site Dining

When you need to furnish a restaurant it’s important that you choose a variety of seating. You will need standard chairs for your tables, but if you have any counter space you will want to maximize the space available by using stools. Our contemporary kitchen stools look stylish and will help you get the maximum number of guests possible for countertop or bar dining. If you haven’t purchased any seating for your dining room, we offer a selection of tables and chairs that complement the bar stools offered in our online catalog.

Use Contemporary Bar Stools in Many Areas

There are a number of different ways to use bar stools at a hotel, café, or internet cafe. If you’re a business that offers fun activities contemporary wooden stools can be comfortable and stylish for this type of activity. If you have technology stations where guests can access free wireless Internet, contemporary stools are perfect for seating.

There’s no limit to what you can do with bar stools and chairs from Alfa Barstools. Whether you need to traditionally furnish a restaurant or hotel room, or provide seating in an outdoor garden or waiting area, you should find chairs, tables, and stools that suit your need in our online catalog. Since we keep up with what’s trendy, you’ll have no problem furnishing your home or business with contemporary pieces.